West Cork Senator Says ‘It’s Beyond Belief’ That Some Students Only Found Out This Week If They Could Use Assistive Technology In State Exams

A West Cork senator says it’s beyond belief that some students only found out this week if they could use assistive technology in next week’s state exams.

He also called for students with dyslexia to be given extra time in state exams as is the norm in education systems across Europe.

He says that in France, dyslexic students can avail of up to 33% extra time, in Italy it’s 30% extra, and in the UK it’s 25%.

Speaking in the Seanad, Senator Tim Lombard says one Bandon student was given just a week’s notice by the State Examination Commission:

“The exam Commission Board will only determined when you can use that technology within weeks of you start on your exam. So chair just to put this in context. I have a student at the moment in Bandon who got her technology in first year, and was told yesterday that she can use it for a junior start with just activity time. If she was told no, she would have the inability to do or to restart. It’s beyond belief.


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