WHO warns that vaccinated people still need to exercise caution

The World Health Organization is warning people they can’t do what they like – even if they’re fully vaccinated.

The Covid-19 vaccine portal has opened for 49 year olds to register this morning.

They will be given Pfizer or Moderna when vaccinations start later this month.

But it’s expected Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca will be offered if they aren’t available at the time.

Dr Margaret Harris from the WHO says those who are vaccinated still need to be careful to protect others.

“What the vaccines have really been tested for, and what they are for right now, are to stop severe disease and of course to stop people from dying from that severe disease.

“We don’t know about whether they stop transmission from person to person, and that’s important because people think ‘yay, I’m vaccinated I can do what I like’.

“That’s not the case – you have to keep up the public health and social measures just in case.”


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