Women in the city say every woman is reeling following the killing of Ashling Murphy

The 22 year old was attacked and killed while she was out for a run along the canal in Tullamore in Co Offaly yesterday.Gardaí have arrested a man in his 40s and say there is nothing to suggest that the young teacher and her killer were known to one another.Justice Minister Helen McEntee has described the killing as “every woman’s worst nightmare”, while feminist movement ROSA are holding a standout on Grand Parade at 2pm on Saturday to call for an end to gender-based violence.Speaking to RedFM News, these women in the city say they are always thinking about their safety when out, especially after dark:

“I live in a really safe student accommodation here in Cork aswell but I wouldn’t go outside the proximity to far by myself as I’d be too scared.”

“I think I’d definitely be scared leaving the house alone at night and in the city and I think it’s quite intimidating and quite scary, so I wouldn’t necessarily leave the home alone at night anymore.”

“I think all women I think all around if they don’t think after hearing about everything no like that was in daylight you know that was four o’clock that was a public public trail.”

Students of Ashling Murphy have been laying flowers outside the school where she taught in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.She’s being remembered as “kind”, popular and exceptionally talented” by those who knew her.Principal of Durrow National School, James Hogan, says students have been sharing their memories of Ashling today:

“Your smile, thank you for everything, passing on your talents and your openness. We love you. In our own class actually, pupils were in and it was three other staff members in the classroom. One boy just spoke up and said we have four teachers in the classroom now. So with the three current staff and they want to and she might have said, we’ve asked about Miss Murphy where we’ve added a lot of setup on the shrine and a picture of her.”

There is a sense of shock in Tullamore following Ashling Murphy’s murder.These people say they can’t believe such an attack could happen in their community:

“Everybody uses it. It’s just incredible. produce something for a young woman, or anybody really.”

“The town is numb is an understatement. I’ve just come out of the town and people actually cannot believe it.”

“My man had already walked it yesterday morning. I walk it every evening with the dogs and so it’s just it’s really, really heart breaking. We just can’t get our heads around it at all.”


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