Women’s Aid Calls On Men To Adopt Zero Tolerance Approach To Abusive Talk Or Behaviour They Hear Or Witness

Women’s Aid is calling on men to adopt a zero tolerance approach to abusive talk or behaviour they hear or witness.

Cork woman and Women’s Aid Maternity Project Co-Ordinator, Gillian Dennehy was speaking on the publication of the ‘Women’s Aid Annual Impact Report’ this week.

The report finds that Women’s Aid support workers heard 33,831 disclosures of domestic violence in 2021, including over 5,700 disclosures of domestic violence against children.

The home remains the most dangerous place for women in Irish society.

Speaking to RedFM News, Gillian Dennehy says there is a huge amount that men can do to combat domestic abuse against women:

“It’s a men’s issue because we are calling more men to become allies in creating zero tolerance of all forms of male violence against women, including domestic abuse. We know that the majority of perpetrators of domestic abuse are men. And we know the majority of victims are women. And we want to encourage men to become allies and not tolerate any form of violence that they witness, that they hear, that they see against women and we need to do that together”.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in the story, contact Women’s Aid, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 1800 341 900 or visit their website womensaid.ie.


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