Women’s Aid Praised Courage Of Domestic Violence Victims Who’ve Come Forward In Wake Of Nadine Lott’s Murder

The Wicklow woman was killed by her ex-boyfriend in December 2019.

He was found guilty of her murder yesterday.

Lead investigators concluded that Ms Lott was very clear that she didn’t want a relationship with Daniel Murtagh and that he was clearly deluded about the status of their relationship.

Sarah Benson from Women’s Aid says victims cannot be blamed for the actions of abusers:

“We would always recognise that they are not passive in their situation. In many cases they are ingenious survivors. The reality is that they are not responsible for the abuse, and the person who can choose to cease the abuse is the perpetrator. And that’s where in these situations, we need to recognise that, in some cases, indeed in many cases, those who are being subjected to coercive control, they will work as hard as they can to try and distance themselves.”


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