Work from home policy to be discussed by public health officials

A full work from home policy will be discussed by health officials when they meet later.

The National Public Health Emergency Team is considering if further measures are needed to address the high Covid rates.

25,000 cases were reported last week, which is the third highest since the pandemic began.

Professor of Immunology at DCU Christine Loscher says booster vaccines should have been introduced sooner.

“NIAC made that decision, and nothing happened in two and half weeks in terms of boosters.

“We should have been ready when NIAC’s decision came, and that’s where we’re on the back foot a little bit.

“Remember, we’re not just dealing with healthcare workers and people over the age of 60, we’re dealing with a population of people that predominantly got Astra Zeneca, and the science would say that’s probably going to wane a bit faster.”


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