World Almost Certain To Hit Record Temperatures In Next Five Years

The world is almost certain to hit record temperatures in the next five years.

Scientists have warned the planet is likely to go above the 1.5 degrees target.

Research from the World Meteorological Organisation shows there’s a 98 percent chance of the hottest year on record being broken by 2027.

Speaking to RedFM News Dr Chris Mays a lecturer in Palaeontology at UCC says that temperatures in the Artic are warming up:

“One of those five years will be one of the hottest on record. This is not really that surprising given the recent history of warming. Another important factor is that there’s a good chance that one of those years will actually be more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. So basically, the first time when the world has been above that 1.5 degree threshold, and that those sort of warm temperatures will continue to increase over time”.


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