Young man involved in violent row that led to the murder of Cameron Blair has been jailed for two years

19-year-old Scott O’Connor, of Churchfield Square, Churchfield, Cork, was one of three boys whom Cameron let into a college house party he was attending last year

Scott O’Connor was one of three teenagers allowed into the house party by Cameron Blair, who was trying to defuse some tension at the door after they arrived uninvited

At some point, one of those living in the house became concerned and wanted to get rid of the three boys so they pretended the party was over.

A row broke out at the door as the boys tried to get back in and one of them stabbed Cameron in the neck as he once again assumed the role of peacemaker.

Scott O’Connor was seen moving a large kitchen knife back and forth above his head in a threatening manner.

He admitted producing the knife and also pleaded guilty for his role in the violent confrontation that led to Cameron being stabbed. He was jailed for two years today.

One of his friends, who’s only 16 so can’t be named, will be sentenced later this month for his role in what happened that night.


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