Zelenskyy says sanctions against Russia aren’t going far enough

Despite going after Russia’s biggest bank – and coal and oil imports – Ukraine’s President says Western sanctions on Moscow are still not going far enough.

Footage of blown-up buildings and bodies in the streets continue to come out of Ukraine – something the Kremlin keeps denying as ‘fake’.

A week-long curfew’s beginning tomorrow in the city of Hostomel.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy says sanctions need to be ‘destructive’ enough to stop the war.

Meanwhile the UN’s general assembly will vote today on whether to suspend Russia from its human rights council.

A two-thirds majority will be needed among the 193 members in New York.

The move was initiated by the US following the discovery of hundreds of bodies in the Ukrainian town of Bucha (PR: Boo-cha), after Russian troops withdrew.

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