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29th of Jul 2021
29th July 2021
The gang are in a celebratory mood after Cork’s gold medal, Sky One’s imminent demise sparks memories of favourite shows and Noel runs us very close on Instagrand…

28th of Jul 2021
28th July 2021
The gang have Olympic fever, Laura talks food trucks and an original guess on the Secret Sound.

27th of Jul 2021
27th July 2021
The crew got their teeth into why Olympians bite their medals, the Taoiseach’s visit to the solar energy farm prompted some hot air and Instagrand didn’t go swimmingly for Deirdre.

26th of Jul 2021
26th July 2021
Laura’s fully invested in Bennifer, Ray turns to jelly at the mention of certain sea tribes and Ruairi is going on strike.

23rd of Jul 2021
23rd July 2021
Ruairi taught Ray and Laura some new rowing terms but the crew had their own suggestion, the 745 Secret Sound has gone another week unguessed and the little mix kicks off the weekend.

22nd of Jul 2021
22nd July 2021
Cork by birth, rower by the grace of God. There was great excitement on Breakfast this morning ahead of the Cork’s rowers races at the Olympics, Ray’s pooch is a cut above the rest and Laura’s return to the stage continues.

21st of Jul 2021
21st July 2021
Paddling pool dilemmas, Ray’s on the baby food diet but maybe a 125 in one could be the answer, and Laura makes the papers ahead of her Elizabeth Fort gig which left Foley feeling left out.

20th of Jul 2021
20th July 2021
Ray is bracing himself for changes, when it comes to rows about household chores Laura prefers to give a speech about what needs to be done and another 9 out of 10 on Instagrand.

19th of Jul 2021
19th July 2021
Ray has the the Elton John ‘ad guy’ take on pronouncing Cork place names , Tom Cruise is adorable and the 745 Secret Sound is now worth €7900.

16th of Jul 2021
16th July 2021
The Friday Little Mix kickstarts a perfect summer weekend in Cork, the 745 Secret Sound has gone another week without being guessed and Laura’s encounter with George Clooney.

15th of Jul 2021
15th July 2021
Ray gave Ronan Keating a hand with singing the Paw Patrol theme, Elton John is coming to Cork and you might even spot him at Nano Nagle place and Ronan came close to winning €1000 on Instagrand.

14th of Jul 2021
14th July 2021
Today’s show was brought to you by the letter ‘E.’ Ray and Laura were guessing who could be the mystery ‘E’ act set to be announced for Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Ray spots a hint of ‘Last Christmas’ about the new Marshmello and Jonas Brothers song and no sign of ‘Damage’ control for Emma Bunton’s wedding.

13th of Jul 2021
13th July 2021
Ray and Laura caught up with Niamh Hegarty from Niamh’s Larder on competing in ‘Battle of the Food’ Trucks, there was a wave of nostalgia for Atlantic 252 and Line of Duty is King for Stephen.

12th of Jul 2021
12th July 2021
Ray had a revelation about the new song from BTS – ‘permission to dance,’ the crew jump on the Euros bandwagon & the 745 Secret Sound is now worth €7800.

2nd of Jul 2021
2nd July 2021
The jellies are ganging up on Ray, the crew desperately want someone to win the 745 Secret Sound and the weekend arrives just in time.

1st of Jul 2021
1st July 2021
Ray draws on some inspiration from comic book artist extraordinaire Will Sliney, Lionel Messi is free to join the Breakfast team and Laura is excited for the return of the theatre.

30th of Jun 2021
30th June 2021
Ray was buttering up the callers on the 745 Secret Sound , a genius idea from Ray’s youngest for school fancy dress day and football’s coming home.

29th of Jun 2021
29th June 2021
Toe curling scenes on Love Island, an epic epic epic night of football and video kills the Ray-dio star.

28th of Jun 2021
28th June 2021
Ray was faced with the challenges of a children’s birthday party , the 745 Secret Sound is now worth €7600 and all this week Ray wants to send you and the family on a hotel break.

25th of Jun 2021
25th June 2021
The weekend kicked off in style with the Little Mix, Ray had to park his clamping problems and Laura lets some steam off after her valet!

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