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23rd of Sep 2021
23rd September 2021
Ray’s dog is in the bad books, Laura has a Michal Schumacher lookalike working in her house and Ray is considering a hair transplant…

22nd of Sep 2021
22nd September 2021
Saying “Shane Codd” makes Ray turn on his “DJ voice”, One Direction rumours have the gang wondering about how a world tour would work without Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and tears as we give away a pair of Ed Sheeran tickets for his Páirc uí Chaoimh gig.

21st of Sep 2021
21st September 2021
It’s Ray’s 27th birthday and the gang are celebrating! Our competition for Ed Sheeran tickets melts our text line, and our brand new Secret Sound has people guessing.

21st of Sep 2021
20th September 2021
There’s a brand new Secret Sound that Ray thinks is really easy but Laura and Ruairi don’t agree. Ruairi also gets fired from writing Instagrand questions, and Ray spends the weekend watching the Sopranos.

17th of Sep 2021
17th September 2021
The Secret Sound was FINALLY guessed!! Celebrations in the RedFM studios after 79 weeks as Rosarie gets it right and wins €8,700. And Ray begrudgingly admits that Ruairi was right when he said it was too hard way back when..

16th of Sep 2021
16th September 2021
Laura has the lads cracking up about Bruce Springsteen (or who she thinks is Bruce Springsteen. It wasn’t Bruce Springsteen), Ray can’t talk about the new Sopranos movie and Ronaldo’s sheep are keeping him awake….

15th of Sep 2021
15th September 2021
Ray’s excited about a trip to the cinema, Daniel Merriweather gets the gang grooving and pictures of beef stroganoff annoy a pregnant friend….

14th of Sep 2021
14th September 2021
The gang get their stetsons out with the news that Garth Brooks is set to perform in Ireland, Ray’s chilli con carne disaster has listeners texting in their embarrassing stories and Laura’s not too bothered with the reveal of the Bake Off contestants…

13th of Sep 2021
13th September 2021
Ray tells us not one, but two Bell X1 stories, Laura’s electric scooter gathers dust and there’s a debate about how to properly pronounce Croke Park…

10th of Sep 2021
10th September 2021
All Ireland excitement for Cork and Ray rolled out the Green and Red for Mayo, the 745 Secret Sound is definitely not ‘connect four’ and the Little Mix winning formula.

9th of Sep 2021
9th September 2021
Danny O’Reilly chatted to Ray and Laura ahead of tickets going on sale for the Corona’s gigs at the Opera House this December, the crew really want a winner of the 745 Secret Sound before the weekend and great excitement for the return of the Jazz Festival to Cork.

8th of Sep 2021
8th September 2021
After discovering there was a Bellair in Cork Ray and Laura were in search of the Fresh Prince of Douglas, Cork proves its worth when it comes to shaking its Tic Tacs and the crew reckon you’d need to go back to school to figure out the Leaving Cert points!!!

7th of Sep 2021
7th September 2021
Ruairi’s rubbish unearthed some nostalgia, listeners were roaring to win Zip It family passes and Ray’s pooch is a cut above the rest.

3rd of Sep 2021
3rd September 2021
Toasties got a grilling on Breakfast, Ray had performance anxiety when it comes to starting the lawnmower and staying zen for Leaving Cert results today.

2nd of Sep 2021
2nd September 2021
Piglet-gate has the gang in stitches, Ronaldo breaks Ruairi’s heart and news of a Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot goes down like a lead balloon with Ray and Laura….

1st of Sep 2021
1st September 2021
Laura has car trouble, Ray’s Stephen Kenny impression draws the ire of a listener and Dave the paramedic tries his hand at Instagrand….

31st of Aug 2021
31st August 2021
Back to school blues, is Ruairi wearing a suit while reading the news and we’re still looking for a winner on the secret sound!

30th of Aug 2021
30th August 2021
Ray and Laura were going mad they didn’t have the winning Cork Euromillions ticket if you didn’t win either you could still get some cast as the 745 Secret Sound is now worth €8500 and Laura was getting ready to wave off her little boy to his first day at pre-school.

27th of Aug 2021
27th August 2021
All the back to schoolers were bopping to the Little Mix, the 745 Secret Sound has gone yet another week without being guessed correctly and Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habit.

26th of Aug 2021
26th August 2021
There was a big buzz on Breakfast this morning for back to school, the 745 Secret Sound is definitely not bop it and Dirty Dancing is coming back.

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