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24th of Jun 2022
24th June 2022
On Breakfast this morning Ray Keane joined the cast of Red Island as Rob, Ciara and Laura brought you episode 3, the 745 Secret Sound has gone another week without being guessed correctly and an emotional morning of graduations.

23rd of Jun 2022
23rd June 2022
Rob joined Ciara and Laura from a secret location as he prepared to celebrate Olympic day with a host of sporting heroes, Laura’s straw revelations and mad for Harry.

22nd of Jun 2022
22nd June 2022
Rob had some practical advice for the class of 2022 after Ciara and Laura challenged him to write a graduation song, the crew tried out the Flamingo test and time could be up for peeing in the sea.

21st of Jun 2022
21st June 2022
As the schools out shout outs rolled into Breakfast Ciara and Laura challenged Rob to write an inspirational song for students , Cathal’s big signing for AC Milan and the great globe.

20th of Jun 2022
20th June 2022
Rob was out and about catching up with the Challenge 21 runners and walkers, the great Love Island divide and a weekend of gigs takes its toll.

17th of Jun 2022
17th June 2022
Episode 2 of Red Island landed with two new islanders and a date to the shed, embarrassing dads and the 745 Secret Sound has gone another week without being guessed correctly.

16th of Jun 2022
16th June 2022
Comedian Jason Manford spoke to Rob, Ciara and Laura ahead of his gig in the Opera House, the embarrassing stories were flying in for socks for Father’s day and mixed reactions to school reports.

15th of Jun 2022
15th June 2022
Rob, Laura and Ciara tried out the Healthy Coke Tik Tok trend, sports day tips that will have you coming first across the line and Elton’s was back in studio with the gang.

14th of Jun 2022
14th June 2022
Rob, Ciara and Laura has listeners sharing their embarrassing stories with their kids, James Bond’s future was in the hands of Cork and Daniel should be so lucky on Instagrand.

13th of Jun 2022
13th June 2022
Rob reckons Bond has to be a man, The Frank and Walters had a special birthday message for Laura and Ciara needs to get her thinking cap on.

10th of Jun 2022
10th June 2022
Forget Love Island it’s all about Red Island on Breakfast with some very familiar voices as the search for love kicks off…

9th of Jun 2022
9th June 2022
Rob admitted to the girls that he should have gone for Love Island over the Nation’s League, Noreen was fully committed to embarrassing mom on the Secret Sound and Anna let it go for Summer Sing.

8th of Jun 2022
8th June 2022
Rob, Laura and Ciara were remembering their Leaving Cert as the exams got underway this morning, Melanie was hoping for a special delivery on Secret Sound and Anthony was hoping for a birthday win on Instagrand.

7th of Jun 2022
7th June 2022
Rob, Ciara and Laura were back after their school tour to Ballyhass, Ava was in fine voice as she earned her spot at Summer Sing and the 745 Secret Sound jackpot has gone up to €3100.

3rd of Jun 2022
3rd June 2022
Rob, Ciara and Laura had the togs on , the sandwiches made and Neil playing the pipes as they headed off the Red Breakfast school tour to Ballyhass.

2nd of Jun 2022
2nd June 2022
Lake Me Up come on let’s go go! The lads were counting down to their school tour but Rob and Laura were pleading with Ciara not to sing. Rob threatened to wear speedos on the trip and the Peppa pig family live inside of Laura

1st of Jun 2022
1st June 2022
Laura pulled it out of the bag with a some questionable help from Rob and Ciara to write the Red Breakfast, Tadhg Hickey chatted to the lads ahead of his two night run at the Everyman and the cast of Peppa Pig were on hand for the morning.

31st of May 2022
31st May 2022
Rob, Laura and Ciara were in fine voice this morning as they searched for a song for the school tour, families were going mad for Peppa Pig and Sinead was looking for Dave Mac to babysit.

30th of May 2022
30th May 2022
Want to go on the Red Breakfast school tour? All you’ve got to do is send in the lads a what’s app with a bit of madness, the 745 Secret Sound is now worth €3000 and Rob’s radio kids have no baggage.

27th of May 2022
27th May 2022
Pa won over Rob, Ciara and Laura with his declaration of love to win Tom Grennan, the grow up school tour criteria was laid out and the crew were fired up for Friday.

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