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26th of May 2023
26th May 2023
Ciara and Laura were not surprised Rob got caught out by a 9 year old, lots of love for Cork clubs and Abba’s snub for the Eurovision.

25th of May 2023
25th May 2023
Rob and Laura watched on as Ciara got stuck into chicken feet for Try It Thursday, devastation for Rob in the Sciath na Scol and Aishling’s Ringmahon shout out.

24th of May 2023
24th May 2023
Ciara & Laura sent Rob to Strawberry Hill NS for workout Wednesday, a new gig for Phillip Schofield & love for your club!

23rd of May 2023
23rd May 2023
Tuesday’s Dilemma had Rob issuing some tough love, disgust as Niall Horan leaves out Cork and Sciath Na Scol madness.

22nd of May 2023
22nd May 2023
Laura predicted the Eurovision winner in March and now Patrick Kielty. Will there be a third correct prediction. Sciath na Scoil confusion and Nando’s delight for Beyonce.

19th of May 2023
19th May 2023
Ever got the shift at a funeral? Rob’s wife Marian has. Movie madness for Zip It and Irish artists Jazzy’s bid for number one.

18th of May 2023
18th May 2023
Rob a had Tripe & Drisheen on the menu for Ciara on Try It Thursday, MMA’s biggest journalist Ariel Helwani chatted about his viral tweet & Laura’s outrage over Harry and Meghan.

17th of May 2023
17th May 2023
Rob found himself trying out new positions for Work Wednesday, Matt Healy causes confusion on Instagrand and Shane is no long in the zone for the boys.

16th of May 2023
16th May 2023
Ciara and Laura were considering ghosting after Rob’s dilemma. The Phil & Holly of RedFM and Cork Hurler Shane Kingston.

15th of May 2023
15th May 2023
Laura retained her crown as Eurovision as her March 1st winner prediction came through after the weekend, birthday party divide and Siobhan McSweeney’s BAFTAs win.

12th of May 2023
12th May 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura ramped up the Eurovision excitement, Sinead Quinlan updated the crew from Liverpool and dangerous encounters.

11th of May 2023
11th May 2023
Try it Thursday saw Ciara trying sardines and tuna but things backfired on Rob and Laura, In Your Aisles became the Eurovision hit Breakfast never knew they needed and Shakira should move her hips away from Tom Cruise.

10th of May 2023
10th May 2023
Ciara and Laura sent Rob on his bike to Brookfield Leisure Centre for Workout Wednesday, shattered Eurovision dreams and Rob’s pipes need a seeing to.

9th of May 2023
9th May 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura were getting ready for the first semi-final of the Eurovision, Chris was having none of it on Instagrand and Laura wants you to hold her trowel!

8th of May 2023
8th May 2023
Rob rants over ‘I suppose,’ Eurovision winning songs are getting a makeover this week with Blackpool Shopping District and Kielty for the Late Late!

5th of May 2023
5th May 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura debuted their song for Cobh, Townhall. Rob’s revelation that he met King Charles and who will be the next host of the Late Late.

4th of May 2023
4th May 2023
There was no doubt where Ciara stands on marmite after Rob and Laura decided on the latest taste challenge for Ciara. Rob is heading to Cobh for the video for the latest Breakfast song and Laura has the contenders ready for Gladiators.

3rd of May 2023
3rd May 2023
Rob landed down the Lee fields for Workout Wednesday and met a fellow Olympian, Eurovision fever and no monkeying around with a song for Cobh!

2nd of May 2023
2nd May 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura were chatting about the Met Gala, the crew are scheming to put together a new Cork place song and a Secret Sound is back.

28th of Apr 2023
28th April 2023
Rob, Ciara & Laura spoke to Niall Horan on Breakfast & got him to play Neill, Rob gave another song the Opera treatment & time for a new Secret Sound. @niallhoran played Niall or Neill on Red Breakfast with @robert.heffernan @lauralolslots & @ciararevins . The Mullingar man had to decide between his lyrics & @neilprendeville lines.

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