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28th of Sep 2023
We bring you all the latest things The Lady Game is back, and the lads have a howler today Grace takes on The 1000 Euro Pop Quiz We chat with Ruairi about screwing up sport stars people names 5 Questions that make people fight online We play ‘The College Of Knowledge’ with Currys And The Dad Gags are as bad as ever  

27th of Sep 2023
KC got a new puppy Would you like to live to 1000? Science says it will be possible. Google is 25 today Working from home is making you boring Why was Angela Scanlon reported to the cops? Matthew McConaughey’s wife had a run with his mother The Cash Machine is 30,000 euro Manchester United won a game, Ruairi is buzzing We played some amazing audio from Mike Tyson Lord Of The Rings super fan John played ‘The College Of Knowledge’ The Blur Parody ‘Cork Life’  gets another spin Tara plays The 1000 Euro Pop Quiz  

26th of Sep 2023
The Dad Gags were straight up fire today KC calls Chris Kent to find out why he’s Cork Person Of The Month The Woman who got suck in a toilet Aoife plays the 1000 Euro Pop Quiz Do not bring these foods into the office ! In Vics VIPs – Usher, David Beckham and KC’s school friend has a new TV show We rattled listeners with a brilliant Riddle And the Cash Machine has 20,000 Euro In It

25th of Sep 2023
The gang were in ‘puntastic’ form over Irelands big win at the weekend KC brought us the Mack Hanson appreciation song Why was  Patrick Kielty’s mother was giving out to him? KC’s mother is a professional smuggler Chris Kent is Cork person of the month, what do you get for this? What is your reverse bucket list? Phil played the 1000 Pop Quiz We play ‘The College Of Knowledge’ with Curry’s

22nd of Sep 2023
We send Jean to Austria on a dream Ski trip KC has just discovered the ‘Its Grand Mam’ lads It’s Prank Friday and we go South African Style We hear from Ronan O’Gara on the big build up   Chocolate eating, you’re doing it wrong! And the 1000 Pop Quiz was back  

21st of Sep 2023
KC brought back his old show band ‘Sham Sham  and the Leg Of Lamb’ for a new Cork Life parody We spoke Wedding disasters, got sent a brilliant story by a listener – then the actual bride involved called in Vic has serious money saving ideas for you Liam Gallaghers birthday so KC plays brilliant clip from his brother Noel Tina played the Pop Quiz And were gearing up for Ireland V South Africa

20th of Sep 2023
Rise Up Your Skirt!
After nearly 400k views of Victorias crying video, we track down the lady in New Zeland behind ‘THAT’ poem When celebrities have public meltdowns, KC brings us some melty moments The Lady Game is back and the KC and Ruairi are on fire today What do you hate about the Gym? We’re sending people on Ski Holidays – todays callers were Margot Robbie clueless. Daniel O Donnell bouncing on Eastenders? Stealing things at the automatic check out Fergal play the Pop Quiz for 1000 euro

19th of Sep 2023
KC’s Daughter is a teenager today,  so to celebrate he makes Victoria break down in tears Student Killian takes on the 1000 Euro Pop Quiz It’s Champions league day, Ruairi is buzzing Today is ‘Speak Like A Pirate Day’ ( bad jokes incoming!!) Tracy & Adam battle it out for a Ski Trip of a lifetime In Vic’s VIP’s we hear more on the Russel Brand saga Welly Throwing at the ploughing The Friends TV Show roadshow Calvin Harris is coming to Red FM this Friday The DVD Prank

18th of Sep 2023
We’re Going On The Piste
What Can You Hear? KC tests the team this morning Tina plays the Pop Quiz for 1000 euro in cash The Russel Brand scandal, we talk about ‘THAT’ documentary Predictions for Ireland V South Africa We hear from some  Mini Marathon Legends The Cash Machine is 100 Thousand Euro – Wanna play? Patrick Kielty’s opening jokes The Galway singing Donkey Cork champion Drifters Strictly Come Drinking

15th of Sep 2023
15th September 2023
-Sarah hits the jackpot on the 1000 Euro Pop Quiz -Comedian & star of The Savage Eye John Colleary was on with KC -Prank Friday: What happened when a man got his tongue stuck in a DVD player? -The crater beach story has everyone talking -Britney Spears and the housekeeper gossip -The Disney Ship is in Cork and KC want to sell jars of leprechaun farts to tourists -Vic doesn’t believe that KC owns land on the moon -The Lady Game is back

14th of Sep 2023
14th September 2023
-The song Stephen King listens to when he’s writing horror will amaze you -What are your Movie peeves? -KC brings us more horrific Dad Gags with the help of Cork Dads -Breakfast Roll pricing scandal & who does it best in Cork? -We chat all things iPhone 15 and KC brings us and update on ‘Da Cork Phone 7’ -Katie the teacher takes on The Pop Quiz -The longest titled sports team in the world is from Wales -And the Jingle Game  

13th of Sep 2023
13th September 2023
New Instagram settings means your partner could be love bombing others in private, we had a huge reaction from the ladies. Gerry played the Red FM Pop Quiz for 1000 euro. Vic brought us The Lady Game, KC and Ruairi  made a mess of it as usual KC talks about Tyson Fury’s show on Netflix, worth a watch?? Irish accents in Newfoundland Why Pierce Brosnan is husband gold The false alarm  ‘mass shooting’ in the USA Red FM Breakfast With KC – Live Weekdays From 6am

12th of Sep 2023
KC catches up with Comedian John Colleary
“John Colleary is my favourite comic, I learned so much from him… playful, inventive and brilliant. The best.” – Tommy Tiernan Legendry Irish Comic and star of The Savage Eye, John Colleary caught up with KC before his gig  in Cork Sep 21st at Cyprus Avenue

12th of Sep 2023
12th September 2023
KC ‘reveals’ the first guest for the Late Late show this weekend Claire plays the  Pop Quiz for 1000 Online romance scams, Iris got fleeced for over 100k Vic brings you loads of VIP action Hear why money can’t buy you happiness ( by a multi-millionaire) And we want you to get involved in the VERY PINK RUN

11th of Sep 2023
11th September 2023
On the show today …. We hand over yet another cheque for over 50,000 Euro Learning French with Ronan O’Gara Chef Tracy takes on the 1000 Euro Pop Quiz We hear from Scottish Comedian Kevin Bridges Vics VIP’s brings us Al Pachino news and why Ashton Kutcher is apologising Did anyone get a full house on Ruairi’s World Cup Bingo?

8th of Sep 2023
8th September 2023
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7th of Sep 2023
KC catches up with Comedian Gearoid Farrelly
KC catches up with Comedian Gearoid Farrelly  

7th of Sep 2023
7th September 2023
Tune in to Red FM Breakfast with KC, weekdays from 6am on Cork’s Red FM

6th of Sep 2023
6th September 2023
Tune in to Red FM Breakfast with KC, weekdays from 6am on Cork’s Red FM

5th of Sep 2023
5th September 2023
Tune in to Red FM Breakfast with KC, weekdays from 6am on Cork’s Red FM

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