Breakfast on Cork’s RedFM with Rob Heffernan, Ciara and Laura

Latest Episodes from Breakfast on Cork’s RedFM with Rob Heffernan, Ciara and Laura

27th of Mar 2023
27th March 2023
After 16 weeks Damien Cuffe from Innishannon correctly guessed the Secret Sound as a long lighter and won €2000, Miriam came close to winning €1000 on Instagrand and hot cross bun division

24th of Mar 2023
24th March 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura debuted their song for Bweeng, Rob was called out on being beaten by Marian and Roy’s back in town.

23rd of Mar 2023
23rd March 2023
Rob’s a Feis Maitiú concert, first posters, and Barrack St is hit by a mini tornado.

22nd of Mar 2023
22nd March 2023
Early shout outs for those up and getting it done, a gala at feile and Laura is no longer in the running for the Late Late.

21st of Mar 2023
21st March 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura need a song to follow up Tower, there’s a breakfast baby on the way and no awards for participation.

20th of Mar 2023
20th March 2023
Rob was having none of parents calling each other mammy and daddy, Neil for the Late Late and what’s going on in the shed.

16th of Mar 2023
16th March 2023
Laura was getting ready to MC the parade with Rob and Ciara, a special shamrock delivery and a very Irish Instagrand.

15th of Mar 2023
15th March 2023
The gang had shout outs for everyone getting up and active, Cork’s Youngest accent offender and parade preparation.

14th of Mar 2023
14th March 2023
The crew wanted the most challenging places and group names in Cork to get Laura parade ready, go on Gary and when one Love Island series ends there’s another just around the corner.

13th of Mar 2023
13th March 2023
14 nominations at the Oscars and just two awards sparked outrage, 12 weeks to the next Love Island and the gang get behind Gary Linekar.

10th of Mar 2023
10th March 2023
Move over Hollywood RedFM’s big winners were rolled out on Breakfast, Rob pulls Lyra for a chat and first time Friday.

9th of Mar 2023
9th March 2023
What is the next place that deserves its own song, the Secret Sound guess that’s on repeat and would Rob give Molly Mae the ick.

8th of Mar 2023
8th March 2023
Rob, Laura and Ciara were surprised by Orla’s mixing up of Michael Flately and Michael Collins, inspirational women and down with mom shamers.

7th of Mar 2023
7th March 2023
Rob gave Laura and Ciara his best Young Offenders audition, Laura’s outrage over ice and Ciara is getting welded.

6th of Mar 2023
6th March 2023
Rob was in for a slagging from Ciara and Laura after United were hammered 7-0 by Liverpool, Carrauntoohill for Toblerone and Rob ranted about his hotel room.

2nd of Mar 2023
2nd March 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura revealed the Breakfast song for Tower, Rob guessed the chapter for World Book day and double the chance to win the Secret Sound.

1st of Mar 2023
1st March 2023
Rob, Ciara and Laura chatted to Conor O’Donoghue from Wild Youth who are Ireland’s Eurovision entry, Laura wants to fight Katie Taylor and the pressure is on for a song for Tower.

28th of Feb 2023
28th February 2023
Birthday celebrations for Rob, Tower won’t be in Blarney’s shadow any longer and Secret Sound on the double!

27th of Feb 2023
27th February 2023
Rob, challenged Laura to write a song for a place in Cork, Fury over Logan fight and peel and re-seal outrage.

24th of Feb 2023
24th February 2023
On Breakfast with Rob, Ciara and Laura, – the gang found out Snoop on a walkman could have been the reason for Rob’s success, the family cloth turning tummies and Love Island comes to the studio.

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