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20th of Oct 2021
20th October 2021
Celery was the straw that broke the animals back between Ray and Laura, Ray figured out the Secret Sound appearing during sport and there’s room for only one hunky werewolf in Cork after actor Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara visited Cork at the weekend.

19th of Oct 2021
19th October 2021
It’s a big ‘Yay’ for Kanye’s name change, Chris Martin is a cool uncle wannabe and Dave was hoping to wing it on Instagrand.

18th of Oct 2021
18th October 2021
Cork went into a tizzy for the World of Wonder competition, another €100 was added to the 745 Secret Sound jackpot and there was something fishy about Ray’s Squid Game ending.

15th of Oct 2021
15th October 2021
Ray’s bid to keep his tan gave Laura and Ruairi the mental image they never knew they wanted, the crew are on countdown to the Friday night take away and the 745 Secret Sound has gone unguessed for another week.

14th of Oct 2021
14th October 2021
Ray’s picture opportunity was sealed with a long wait, a new friend for Foley on the 745 Secret Sound and Elton John’s a big fan of RedFM.

13th of Oct 2021
13th October 2021
Ray and Laura gave Neil a very special guess on the the 745 Secret Sound, the line up for Breakfast is worth a name check and Ray gets a reminder he’s the man of the house.

12th of Oct 2021
12th October 2021
The Echo Boy gets a ‘Glow Up’, Maths week doesn’t add up for Ray and why Pink is music to Dave Mac’s ears.

11th of Oct 2021
11th October 2021
It turns out there is a word that rhymes with ‘orange,’ Ray’s suit dilemma and the 745 Secret Sound jackpot has risen to €800.

8th of Oct 2021
8th October 2021
The 745 Secret Sound has gone another week with out being guessed, Ray and Laura get a a lesson from Kanye’s and Ray makes the case for a two day working week!

7th of Oct 2021
7th October 2021
The gang are back together, the future of Instagrand hangs in the balance and Gary Barlow’s new business venture – is it worth raising a glass to?

6th of Oct 2021
6th October 2021
Colm, Laura and Ciara were devastated by the news that The Den won’t be returning, Colm gave the Bond movie a big thumbs up and more people were trying their luck on the Secret Sound.

5th of Oct 2021
5th October 2021
Colm and Laura were just getting over the trauma of Instagram and whatsapp crashing, Laura told us what she thought of the Bond movie and we had more people trying to win the Secret Sound.

4th of Oct 2021
4th October 2021
Colm and Laura were back this morning with 700 euro to be won on the Secret Sound. They were wondering if Colm should go to clown college and Laura had to make sure her name was up in lights.

1st of Oct 2021
1st October 2021
There was fierce excitement on the show this morning as Colm and Laura gave away tickets to see Ed Sheeran.

30th of Sep 2021
30th September 2021
Colm and Laura announced the new Alpine Skate Trail and gave away the final pair of tickets to our James Bond screening.

29th of Sep 2021
29th September 2021
Colm and Laura were chatting about what they would do if they won 19 million on the lotto and were also wondering how soon is TOO soon to put up the Christmas decorations.

28th of Sep 2021
28th September 2021
Colm and Laura were chatting famous relatives on the show this morning. Laura and Ruairi tried to persuade Colm to watch Bake Off and we had more people trying their luck on our new secret sound.

24th of Sep 2021
24th September 2021
The gang can only remember two golf films, Ray’s dinner with the boss has Laura and Ruairi worried that they’re going to get fired and our new “easier to win” Secret Sound that Ray was convinced was going to be won this week…. Still hasn’t been won. There’s a shock.

23rd of Sep 2021
23rd September 2021
Ray’s dog is in the bad books, Laura has a Michal Schumacher lookalike working in her house and Ray is considering a hair transplant…

22nd of Sep 2021
22nd September 2021
Saying “Shane Codd” makes Ray turn on his “DJ voice”, One Direction rumours have the gang wondering about how a world tour would work without Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and tears as we give away a pair of Ed Sheeran tickets for his Páirc uí Chaoimh gig.

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