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26th of Nov 2021
26th November 2021
Ray and Laura made the connection to the North Pole and got Buddy on Skype – Ray hit go on Christmas with the Little Mix and it was a winning bonanza on Breakfast.

25th of Nov 2021
25th November 2021
Ray joined the queue of hundreds of thousands for Garth Brooks tickets, there was good news on the return of Buddy and giving thanks for marshmallows on veg!

24th of Nov 2021
24th November 2021
5 year old Emily had a very important question to ask Ray and Laura this morning with no sign of Santa’s most important helper. Ray still doesn’t no his northside and some very clever guesses on the 745 Secret Sound.

23rd of Nov 2021
23rd November 2021
Ray and Laura got the lowdown from Karen Koster on Garth Brooks visiting Ireland, Ray reckons the new 745 Secret Sound will go before Christmas and Ray continues to resist Christmas.

22nd of Nov 2021
22nd November 2021
There’s a brand new 7.45 Secret Sound on Cork’s RedFM that Ray thinks is EASY but Laura and Ruairi aren’t having it. Ray’s rediscovering Guardians of the Galaxy and Eilish from Kerry but living in Waterford phones Cork‘s RedFM for Instagrand…

19th of Nov 2021
19th November 2021
Eoin certainly had his batteries in the morning as he correctly guessed the 745 Secret Sound and won €1300, Ray had the perfect Little Mix to kick off Friday and Ruairi was wide awake for brekkie.

18th of Nov 2021
18th November 2021
The crew may need friends in low places to get tickets for Garth Brooks in Croke Park, the jammies war was ignited ahead of the Toy Show and will Buddy be back!!

17th of Nov 2021
17th November 2021
Ray was in a flap after spotting a big bird on the south ring road, Ray’s plotting a new range of plastic cookware and Kimberly got caught in a briar on Instagrand.

16th of Nov 2021
16th November 2021
Ray and Laura got to know the I’m A Celebrity line up, the crew powered through the Carey’s Tools competition and Ray had some advice from the gang on a marvel-ous new movie. 

15th of Nov 2021
15th November 2021
Ray was trying to figure out ways to keep busy for dry November, is the 745 Secret Sound still classed as new 9 weeks in? And Breakfast kicks off ‘Know Your Northside.’

12th of Nov 2021
12th November 2021
The Little Mix went down a storm , Ray had FOMO and the 745 Secret Sound is not as easy as the crew had thought.

11th of Nov 2021
11th November 2021
Get out of bed Louis and respect King Prendeville, testing times as Ray poked at his brain for Barry Keoghan and Laura’s not elevated by Bono’s singing.

10th of Nov 2021
10th November 2021
Ray’s hoping there’ll be some seafood in the new series of Squid Game, Laura’s new purchase went smashingly and a lot of anger for ‘Dear Diary.

9th of Nov 2021
9th November 2021
Laura took on the MTU challenge, the crew were inspired by Michael Collins to start keeping a diary and Ray was a tough judge when it came to how you sound on the ice.

8th of Nov 2021
8th November 2021
Frozen drives a wedge between the crew, this morning, the 745 Secret Sound jackpot has gone up to €1200 and a lotto luck but is it enough for one Cork player.

5th of Nov 2021
5th November 2021
The Little Mix launched Cork into the weekend, the 745 Secret sound goes up to €1200 on Monday after going unguessed and the crew don’t speak French but they’ll definitely try.

4th of Nov 2021
4th November 2021
Ray gave listeners a peak at one of Cork’s best dressed men, Ruairi was double jobbing in engineering and Katie came close on Instagrand.

3rd of Nov 2021
3rd November 2021
Ray goes overboard on the sport catch up with Roars, there was a lot of love for sausages and what would your kids list as your favourite thing?

2nd of Nov 2020
2nd November 2021
Ray and Laura rose to the Neil Prendeville challenge of playing the first Christmas song on Breakfast but only after listeners pledged over €1600 to Marymount to hear a festive track even after RedFM Boss, Diarmuid, threw a spanner in the works by offering €2000 for the crew not to do it.

1st of Nov 2021
1st November 2021
With Halloween out of the way & the Holly Bough out is it time for Christmas, the 745 Secret Sound is now worth €1100 and the task of transforming the men of Cork got underway.

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