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5th of May 2021
Cork History Matters – The Dramatic First 6 Months Of 1921
Dave Macardle continues his series of conversations with UCC historian Gabriel Doherty who takes him through the dramatic events of the first 6 months of 1921 in Ireland’s War of Independence. From Tom Barry’s dramatic escape at Crossbarry to the beginnings of the truce negotiations and lots more besides.

15th of Feb 2021
Cork History Matters – The story behind Skellig Night (Shrove Tuesday) & Bonna night (St. John’s Eve)
In this latest Cork History Matters Podcast Dave Macardle is in conversation with local historian Dunmanway man Kieran Connolly – author of ‘Sam Maguire: The Man and The Cup’ – who tells of the old and rather strange traditions associated with ‘Skellig Night’ that occurred on Shrove Tuesday or the eve of Lent. He also talks of the traditions of St. John’s Eve (June 23rd) or ‘Bonna Night’ as its still known in Cork. Image: James Beale, Skellig Night on South Mall Cork 1845, 1845. Collection Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

16th of Dec 2020
Cork History Matters – Cork’s GAA Holy Trinity: Archbishop Croke, Liam McCarthy & Sam Maguire
Ahead of this weekend’s All-Ireland Football final Dave Macardle spoke to Dunmanway author Kieran Connolly – author of ‘Sam Maguire: The Man & The Cup’ – about Cork’s GAA Holy Trinity of Archbishop Croke, born in Kilbrin, North Cork, Liam MacCarthy, born in London of Ballygarvan parents and fellow-Dunmanway man Sam Maguire. The task was to find out: who were these men? And why were their names selected to adorn both the key trophies and principal stadium of the Gaelic Athletic Association?  

27th of Nov 2020
Cork History Matters – Bloody Sunday, Kilmichael & The Burning of Cork
From Bloody Sunday to Kilmichael to The Burning of Cork the concluding events of 1920 discussed in detail with UCC historian Gabriel Doherty

10th of Sep 2020
Cork History Matters – The Double…How Cork Made GAA History in 1990
In this episode Dave talks to author Adrian Russell to pick apart a story full of stories set in an Ireland now gone, then in transition, a sun kissed summer of Ole Ole’s as ‘Italia 90’ fever raged and Prince brought sex and outrage in equal measure down the Pairc, a summer culminating in two epic weeks in September when Cork swept all before them and everyone with them… From The Canon O’Brien’s statement of intent number plate 90-C-27 to Babs Keatings infamous Donkeys Don’t Win Derbies to a game for the ages where the Rebels overcame Cyril Farrell & Tony Keady’s tribesmen 5-15 to 2-21 for their 27th Liam McCarthy. From Billy Morgan’s Fk The Bus We’ll Walk and Lock The Gates & Make Them Watch to two consecutive final defeats to Sean Boylan & Gerry McEntee’s Meath before the win over Mayo set up a double within a double & royal county redemption 11 to 9 as Cork’s 4th final in a row saw Sam Maguire return home for the 6th time It’s a story full of stories & full of characters from Thomas Mulcahy to Larry Tompkins To Kevin Hennessy John Kerins Ger Cunningham the double winning Teddy McCarthy and of course the special sauce that glued them all together John The Kid Cronin. So settle back and join Dave in the company of Adrian as they delve deep on The Double.

1st of Jul 2020
Cork History Matters – The Death of Terence MacSwiney
In episode two of the ‘Cork History Matters’ podcast Dave Mac is in conversation with UCC History Department’s Gabriel Doherty as together they chart the dramatic story of Cork and Ireland through that most tumultuous of years, 1920. Taking up the story from the assassination of Cork’s Sinn Fein Lord Mayor Tómas Mac Curtain in March, to the death of his successor as Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney, following a 74 day hunger strike in Brixton prison, in October. It was an event that garnered global attention and proved an inspiration to such diverse world figures as Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh. Future episodes will take in the infamous Kilmichael ambush in November and the burning of Cork in December. It was an extraordinary, defining year in Ireland’s history and this podcast series brings it to life for you.

20th of Mar 2020
Cork History Matters – The Centenary of Tomás Maccurtain’s Death
Dave Mac sat down for an hour long chat with UCC historian Gabriel Doherty on the life of former Cork City Lord Mayor Tomas MacCurtain as we mark the centenary of his death on the 20th March 1920. Maccurtain was shot in front of his wife Eilís and family at his home at Thomas Davis Street, Blackpool, Cork City

Delving deep into Cork's history.

Dave Mac hosts a series of podcasts on the history of Cork as we mark the centenary of the Burning of Cork in 1920. Dave will be joined by guests for each episode to delve into the story behind different events and people in Cork's past.

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