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25th of Jan 2023
Joanne talks about the new three part podcast- The Rise and Fall of Balcony TV
BalconyTV is a cultural phenomenon that has been syndicated to 100 cities around the world, it’s brokered million dollar deals, clocked up hundreds of millions of international viewers, and is now owned by one of the largest record companies in the world. Joanne produced Balcony TV Cork. It was the longest running of them all. Started in Dublin in 2006, the brainchild of Stephen O’Regan, Tom Millett, and Pauline Freeman. Put together by Mark Graham (King Kong Company) a new three part podcast tells the story of the Rise and Fall of Balcony TV. During her time with Balcony TV, Joanne aired musicians like; Fred, Mick Flannery, Frankie Gavin (De Dannan), Declan Sinnott, Jimmy Crowley, Jack O’Rourke, and John Spillane from the top of the Big Wheel. As well as plenty of others throughout various hotels and restaurant balconies all over the City. The podcast goes live on February 1st at: https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/the-irish-music-industry-podcast/id1451423030

23rd of Jan 2023
Hanna talks bees and her part on the Changemakers podcast series
Hanna, who is a Swedish native but has made Cork home for the last 20 years, talks about what it’s been like making honey from the comfort of her own home. She also has a number of hives across the City and County. Her passion for beekeeping came about originally from having an interest in growing fruit and veg in her garden. In order to grow the fruit and veg Hanna needed pollinators, this is when bees entered the equation. Hanna features in the Change Makers series today and is part of a Green Revolution in the Red Rebel Rebel County. Listen to the Change Makers podcast now at: Change Makers – Red FM Or find out more about Hanna’s Bees at Home – Hanna’s Bees (hannasbees.ie)

19th of Jan 2023
We hear John’s telling of the opening story in his latest book
John recently contributed to the History Matters podcast with Dave to discuss his latest book An Irish Folklore Treasury as well as the various stories in the book. One of which tells the story of how his Dad knew someone that was around at the time of the famine, and his recollection of it. Hear the full interview at: https://d21uc2jkdtk9j5.cloudfront.net/podcast/john-creedon-on-an-irish-folklore-treasury-and-his-interest-in-placenames-history-language-and-lore

20th of Jan 2023
Brian talks about the rooftop farm & RedFM’s Change Makers environmental podcast series
Brian chats to Dave about the Cork Rooftop Farm, a city centre based rooftop farm that grow their own fresh produce which is distributed in the downstairs shop on Cornmarket Street. There are also plans in the pipeline to build both an Education Centre and a Restaurant. Brian also goes on to discuss the importance of food sustainability. His project kick start’s RedFM’s environmental podcast series Changemakers shining a light on Cork businesses putting sustainability and environmental responsibility at the heart of what they do. To hear this Changemakers conversation in full go to redfm.ie and see what you can do to join the green revolution in the red rebel county. RedFM’s Changemakers series is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee

19th of Jan 2023
John on the story behind his latest book An Irish Folklore Treasury
John recently contributed to the History Matters podcast with Dave to discuss his latest book An Irish Folklore Treasury as well as the various stories in the book. John tells us how the concept for the book came about as well as the importance of keeping the tradition of Irishness and Folklore alive, despite the Normans’ best efforts to wipe it out. Hear the full interview at: https://d21uc2jkdtk9j5.cloudfront.net/podcast/john-creedon-on-an-irish-folklore-treasury-and-his-interest-in-placenames-history-language-and-lore

18th of Jan 2023
Sinead talks about her new podcast series with her fellow Cork stand-ups
Sinead stopped by to plug both the fact that she is taking over Red Hits for the next few weeks and is also contributing to the Three By The Lee Podcast alongside Cornelius Patrick O’Sullivan and Chris Kent. It goes out every Thursday. They will be covering topics such as… The fact that comedians don’t wear watches Online parking discs Naked Attraction Warning it contains audio of a Sensitive Nature. Listen to Three By The Lee wherever you get your podcasts or at Three By The Lee – Red FM

13th of Jan 2023
Valerie explains her 6-part ‘Hear Me Roar’ series on RedFM’s Big Red Bench Sport Show
Speaking to Dave about her numerous sporting achievements, Valerie will be producing a segment for the Big Red Bench – Hear Me Roar. She will interview well-known and respected sports stars in all disciplines in Cork and further afield. The first episode aired on Sunday 15th of January, and it saw Valerie interview former pro golfer Lisa McGuire. Also contributing were the likes of former Ireland Hockey player Nikki Daly and Rower Sanita Pušpure. Catch Valerie every Sunday now: The Big Red Bench – Red FM

12th of Jan 2023
Elaine Doyle contributor to the changemakers Climate series on Red FM
Elaine, who lives in Mallow and is involved with Clean Coasts, spoke to Dave Mac about what the environmental education branch of An Taisce is responsible for which includes sub-branches such as Clean Coasts. They’re tasked with cleaning up the coasts, and working with Blue Flags, Green Schools, and Green Schools Travel. They were the driving force behind a recent campaign called Think Before You Flush. Their mantra is that you should only be flushing the 3 P’s (Pee, Poo, and Paper) down the toilet. On top of that you are being encouraged to think about what you pour down the sink including fats and greases which are a big No No. Instead, leave it cool and put it in the bin or in industrial composting. Aside from doing your bit at home Clean Coasts is asking members of the public to carry out a 2-minute beach clean. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference. To find out more about how you can play your part visit: Homepage – Clean Coasts

9th of Jan 2023
Kevin talks up the Sleeping Beauty Panto in Cork Opera House
Kevin chats about how it has been for him to star in the Sleeping Beauty Panto at Cork Opera House, as Chester the Jester. It’s running until Sunday 22nd of January. He also chats about the huge effort involved in trying to get a show of that scale up and running both on stage and behind the scenes. Aside from this, there are bits of fun, off-the-cuff devilment, and laughter throughout the show. Tickets are limited but still available at The Sleeping Beauty Panto 2022 – Live: Cork Opera House Listen to Kevin’s Podcast: I’m Grand Mam on Apple Podcasts

9th of Jan 2023
Kevin talks up his podcast- I’m Grand Mam
Kevin made the move to London in 2014 to learn musical theatre, with his friend PJ who is also from Cork and is involved in Theatre. The two decided they wanted to get involved in a creative project together. They were ahead of the curve in terms of producing podcasts for the Irish market, this was pre covid in 2019 when they came up with an episode every 2nd week. During the lockdown, it gained traction. With Paul Mescal among their famous fans. He reached out to the lads looking to feature on the podcast. This further helped with the reach of the podcast. Listen to Kevin’s Podcast: I’m Grand Mam on Apple Podcasts

16th of Dec 2022
Ruth tells us about her latest musical journey
t.Ruth is currently recording new music which will take you on a journey of self discovery. The highs and lows of life,overcoming the various challenges and growing inner confidence. Her music is something that we can all relate to. Listen to t.Ruth’s music now at: https://www.facebook.com/ruthbrosnanmusic/ t.RUTH | music for your station playlist — iPluggers

15th of Dec 2022
Darren will show you how to create an eco-friendly festive table
GLOW has expanded this year & a series of free eco festive workshops have being taking place at GLOW at TEST SITE which is located on Kyle Quay by Cornmaket Street. This weekend a host of Christmas decoration workshops such as how to make pop up Christmas cards, how to make fresh wreaths and Darren O’Connor on how to make table centres using fresh foliage will take place. All workshops are free. On Sunday at 1230pm Aoife Claffey will show you how to make napkins using recycled fabrics and festive patterns. GLOW @Bishop Lucey Park is fully booked for this weekend but there is still availability on the Ferris Wheel. See glowcork.ie to book tickets for the Ferris Wheel and for details of the eco workshops at GLOW @TEST SITE on Kry’s Quay.

14th of Dec 2022
Shane and Cork Simon Community are relying on your generosity this Christmas
Shane has been working with Cork Simon Community for 11 years.Starting off as a full-time volunteer, then progressing to doing casual work on their relief panel,following this Shane ended up getting a permanent position. Shane is tasked with developing care plans, referrals to mental health and addiction services as well as access to housing for service users. It’s also about having compassion towards users and being aware of past traumas that the users may have gone through. At present the most challenging aspect is residential care and they are relying on the generosity of the public to help their users. You can donate now at: Cork Simon Community

13th of Dec 2022
Fiona chats ahead of the visit of Red FM to the School on Friday
Fiona chats to Fiona from National School,Scoil Chlochair Mhuire in Carrigtwohill ahead of the Red Patrollers surprise visit to the school on Friday. It’s sure to be a day of Festive Fun and Games with a visit from Santa.

12th of Dec 2022
James talks up CSN Live ‘n’ Gigging at White Horse Weds 14th
James is a CSN Music Management and Sound student,his band Mono-Poly are involved in CSN Live ‘n’ Gigging in the White Horse in Ballincollig on Wednesday. Along with numerous other acts such as… Fionnán Barrett, Black Lagoon, Tweezerz, Shane Reilly, Spare Parts, Mino Mars and of course Mono-Poly. Doors are at 7.30 pm, get tickets now at: CSN Live ‘n’ Gigging @ The White Horse Tickets, Wed 14 Dec 2022 at 19:30 | Eventbrite

9th of Dec 2022
Elvera Butler on U2 at The Arcadia
The Arcadia was run by Thurles native Elvera Butler and her partner Andy Foster and was one of the few places in Cork city that would host punk bands. Butler had been the entertainments officer at University College Cork, and so the venue became known as the ‘Downtown Kampus’. The punk scene that developed in the late at the Arc was an important turning point for emerging Cork punk music; until then live music in the city had consisted mostly of Blues and pub rock bands. According to Mean Features guitarist Liam Heffernan, “the [emerging post-punk] scene was amazing….there was nothing else really in late Seventies and early Eighties Cork. Heavy industry was whacked. Elvera Butler brought some fantastic music to Cork. That woke us all up.” Here Elvera discusses when U2 first played in the Arcadia as a support act to XTC in October 1978 to a crowd of over 1000 people. They then came back a 2nd time to support the Only Ones in May of 1979. Other gigs included them playing on a level footing to DC9 and alongside their close friends the Virgin Prunes. Then they progressed to having a headlining gig with acts such as Nun Attax as a support act. Check the full chat in the Cork History Matters podcast on Redfm.ie

7th of Dec 2022
Laura talks about the Improv Panto at Cork Opera House
Red Breakfast’s Laura O’Mahony talks about this year’s Improv Panto which is returning this Friday to Cork Opera House. The Adult only panto is making a welcome return after two years. Also making up the cast are Dominic MacHale, Cornelius Patrick O’Sullivan, the brains behind the operation Laura Harte and Declan Wolfe from Studio Wolfe. Grab your tickets now before it’s too late at: The Improv Panto 2022 – Over 18s – Live : Cork Opera House

6th of Dec 2022
Stephen is encouraging people to Dash, Dance or Prance
Aware is responsible for caring and treating people with depression and bipolar disorder. In the form of support services, a support line as well as a range of education programmes. Stephen is encouraging people to Dash,Dance or Prance for Aware on December 9-11th. It’s a nationwide 5k event, you are encouraged to share pictures of the event to social media. You will also receive a medal which doubles as a Christmas tree ornament for your troubles. To register for the event visit: Depression Support & Education Services – Aware

5th of Dec 2022
Kelly is encouraging members of the public to “Adopt Don’t Shop This Christmas”
My Lovely Horse Rescue is aimed at helping ALL animals. Their mantra is to “Adopt Don’t Shop This Christmas” when it comes to family pets. This is on the back of an influx of pets being brought back into rescue centres post covid. If you’re interested in adopting a pet visit: mylovelyhorserescue.com – WELCOME

2nd of Dec 2022
Declan on co-writing a Christmas song about the cost-of-living crisis
Declan from Rubyhorse spoke with Dave about the band’s up coming gig in St Lukes and a Christmas song he has co-written that tackles the cost of living crisis. It’s been recorded & released by The Derelict Debits. All proceeds go to homeless charities in the UK and Ireland. Hear the song now at: https://open.spotify.com/track/3rhd2Mwkn4xnNbWDZkr5Ls?si=ff4aef2a9949446d Get tickets to the St Lukes gig; Rubyhorse & The White Horse Gospel Choir (uticket.ie)

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