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26th of May 2020
The Life Hustle – Episode 25 – Shop Local with Clara Cooks
Clara Cooney is back again as Emer’s foodie guest to discuss the importance of supporting local suppliers, producers, artisans and small businesses. Changing the way we shop, even on a small weekly scale, can keep supply chains moving and people in jobs locally. A simple change like introducing local produce, home deliveries or click and collect at cafes and restaurants into our homes at this time can help the local economy. Grab a pen and paper and be inspired by some of the great local food businesses that Clara has tried and tested in Cork city and county! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony and produced by Kilian Pettit.

12th of May 2020
The Life Hustle – Episode 24 – Kitchen Essentials with Clara Cooks
Clara Cooney joins Emer for another episode in lockdown, on what the top essentials are to get you cooking and baking confidently at home. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or if you have been trying out new recipes lately, Clara talks us through her kitchen must-haves to get us reconnected with food. Have a pen and paper ready as Clara has some really useful tips to share in this episode! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony and produced by Kilian Pettit.

28th of Apr 2020
The Life Hustle – Episode 23 – A Leap of Faith with Clara Cooks
Clara Cooney shares her story about her love of food, taking a huge leap of faith to leave her corporate job to train at Ballymaloe and start her own food business. This is an inspiring story of following your dreams and resetting your compass to do what lights your soul on fire. This is the first of a three part series about how food brings people together, following your passions and to help us get baking and cooking in the kitchen! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony and produced by Kilian Pettit.

10th of Mar 2020
The Life Hustle – Episode 22 – The Voice of Cork Youth Ep. 3 – Jean O’Riordan
Emer is in conversation with Cork student Jean O’Riordan who at 16 years of age, is the youngest ever participant to feature on the Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year TV show. Jean tells us what it was like to travel to London with her family and be part of the much loved show which aired in February and how inspiring it was to be surrounded by professional and non-professional artists on the programme and what it was like to draw Downton Abbey and The Last Duel actress Harriet Walter in person. We fell in love with Jean’s Instagram account which is an insight to her incredible work and we found Jean a huge inspiration to chat with for following her dreams at such a young age. The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony Produced by Kilian Pettit

25th of Feb 2020
The Life Hustle – Episode 21 – Sarah O’Mahony
Fifteen year old student Sarah O’Mahony joins Emer in the studio for this episode to discuss a life changing trip she is just back from in India with The Hope Foundation and her passion for Climate Change and how she got involved in the city climate change protests at Cork City Hall with her peers. Sarah is such a bright, passionate and eloquent teen and we hope she inspires others as much as she has inspired us in this episode. The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly Produced by Kilian Pettit

21st of Jan 2020
The Life Hustle – Episode 20 – The Voice of Cork Youth Ep.1: Holly Davis
We are starting off 2020 celebrating the voice of youth in our city. Our first young guest is Holly Davis, the 15 year old rising star in the world of Irish rowing. We hear about Holly’s dedication to her sport, how she trains most days and the pride she feels wearing the Irish colours while competing internationally. Holly is an incredible role model, inspiring other young women and kids to get involved in sport and we adore how she advocates positive body image also. Holly is a rising star in Irish sport and it was a treat to have her in the studio with us. We hope you enjoy listening! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly Produced by Kilian Pettit

10th of Dec 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 19 – Club Ceoil
Emer sits down with Maurice Dineen who started Club Ceoil in Ballyphehane to find out about what it has been like to set up a school for all ages and watch it grow from only a handful of students 11 years ago to over 450 people now of all ages. Club Ceoil is a non-competitive, fully inclusive organisation that teaches new skills from Irish, yoga and sign language to many types of music to all ages and backgrounds. Maurice was honoured with a civic award at Cork City Hall for his work in the Ballyphehane area with Club Ceoil and featured on a special episode of Nationwide during Seachtain na Gaeilge this year, where Mary Kennedy visited the school and highlighted the amazing vary of classes on offer and the community spirit and inclusive ethos that the school promotes. John Spillane, who featured in the Nationwide episode, is just one of the many supporters of the work at Club Ceoil too. This month, the Club Ceoil Ballad Group release their Christmas CD. Recorded at CIT, the 3 track CD is now on sale with proceeds going to Feed Cork who feed 250 families each week in Cork. Maurice and his wife Orla never imagined their little school would grow to pull so much of the community together when they established it 11 years ago. This is a lovely story of giving back to the community and the benefits of bringing people together! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly

19th of Nov 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 18 – Out In The Sticks With Six
Emer & Viv sit down with Lenore Good, Mom of 6, aging from 17 down to 15 months, four of whom are on the autistic spectrum. Lenore set up her blog – Out in the sticks with six – after her son Bodhi was diagnosed with autism. Lenore is funny, determined & an all round amazing Mom to her beautiful children. Her 40th Birthday is looming & Lenore has decided to climb Kilimanjaro next September. She will raise 20k for 3 Cork charities. We came away feeling very inspired by Lenore & wish her all the luck with her fundraising. Visit her on social media if you would like to donate or help fundraise. The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly Produced by Kilian Pettit.

5th of Nov 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 17 – Mum on the Run with Lorraine Spillane
Emer interviews Cork mother of three, Lorraine Spillane whose youngest son Harry has a rare metabolic condition called Tyrosinemia Type 1 where he is missing an enzyme to break down protein in his body. Lorraine has penned a beautiful book called Mum on the Run with the proceeds going to Temple Street Children’s Hospital who have been amazing to Harry and all the family since he was born. This is an uplifting, inspiring conversation with a mother who has embraced huge change in her life, viewing the challenges her family has encountered as a gift and blessing and how Harry’s unique condition makes him so special, enriching all their lives, with lovely parenting tips along the way! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly Produced by Kilian Pettit.

1st of Oct 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 16 – Sustainability Made Simple
Emer & Viv chat to dynamic duo Madeleine Murray & Dr. Tara Shine,the founders of Plastic Free Kinsale, a community initiative helping reduce plastic & recycle more. They discuss how making small changes can make a big difference. Climate change & sustainably are hot topics right now & lots can be learned from this chat. Check out their Instagram where you can find lots of super videos teaching you how to recycle more & be kinder to our environment. Topics include Greta Thunbergs recent speech at the UN climate summit & how we can learn a lot the next generation. The busy Moms, Entrepreneurs & Volunteers are a force to be reckoned with. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed chatting to them. The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly

17th of Sep 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 15 – Breaking Mental Health Stigma
Emer sits down with Daniel O’Mahony from forward thinking social enterprise, ‘Da Silly Heads’ in a very open and honest podcast about mental health, breaking stigmas, his journey of self discovery building an arsenal to cope with his own mental health challenges and how Da Silly Heads, the movement he has set up with his friend Michael with support from The Rubicon at CIT, is sparking a movement of advocacy to help create environments of understanding and empathy and a stigma free society to allow ambition, productivity and creativity to flourish. Encouraging a non judgmental dialogue around mental health through their advocacy apparel, impact driven events and clever social media cartoon characters, Da Silly Heads is a breath of fresh air doing inspiring work on the ground and online for mental health to build a more empathetic community.

3rd of Sep 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 14 – Hazel Buckley
Fresh after a Summer of family time and rest, Emer and Viv are back with Hazel Buckley who switched off her social media and went backpacking across Portugal, the Thai Islands and West Cork with her husband and three young children the past three months. Hazel shares her story with us from studying computer science after school and running a boutique in Cork with her friend, to life changing events that changed her path that has led to her happiness as a yoga teacher the past decade. Hazel’s insights into longevity, happiness, travel, parenting and switching off are refreshing and we hope you enjoy it too! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly

16th of Jul 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 13 – Marian Heffernan
Emer & Viv are in conversation with one of their ultimate girl crushes, Irish athlete Marian Heffernan who is fifth in the the all-time Irish record books for the women’s 400 metres. Marian chats openly about how she started off in athletics at a young age, her dedication to training and the passion she still holds working in the industry. From her own Olympic journey to supporting her Olympian husband  Rob on his own journey, we come away inspired by how much of a great role model and ambassador Marian is for women in sport in Ireland.

13th of Jun 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 12 – Embracing Change
We recorded this episode as we have been going through some big changes personally and in business. We talk frankly about the Irish fashion industry, how we have had to adapt our business to change with the times, prioritise what serves us and brings us joy personally and evolve to move forward in times of change. This is the first time we have sat down together to talk about old memories and new beginnings since we had to make big changes in our lives. If you are feeling that you need to move your compass and shift gears, this episode is for you! The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly

14th of May 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 11 – Achondroplasia
For episode eleven, Emer and Viv talk with Lisa Walsh, Mom to Keeva who was born with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Lisa set up ‘My Small Wonder’ online to share their daily battles and triumphs. Lisa talks about her longing for pink in the house before Keeva was born, the shock of Keeva’s diagnosis, the early dark days and most recently, Keeva’s limb lengthening operations. Lisa and Keeva’s strength has really inspired us and we hope you enjoy this episode too! Produced by Kilian Pettit

30th of Apr 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 10 – Direct Provision
After working closely for the past few months with teenagers living in Direct Provision at the Cork Migrant Centre, Emer and Viv recorded this special episode to create awareness about some of the inspiring stories from people living in Direct Provision in Cork. They speak with Debrah, a lawyer, who had to flee her home country with her three children while pregnant, to seek a safe place in our city and the many challenges she has overcome. Special guest on the episode is Dr. Naomi Masheti from the Cork Migrant Centre who shares her experiences working to create a better life for the migrants she meets at the Centre, located in Nano Nagle Place. Inspiring conversations with women experiencing life in Direct Provision in Ireland today, working hard to overcome the many barriers they face. Produced by Kilian Pettit

16th of Apr 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 9 – Be In Theatre
In episode 9, Be in Theatre, Emer and Viv are in conversation with actor, director and producer Julie Kelleher. From drama and dance classes as a child right through to holding one of the most respected jobs in Irish theatre, Julie is now into her fifth year as Artistic Director of Cork’s Everyman Theatre. We hear about some of the projects Julie has been instrumental in at The Everyman over the past few years including Louise O’Neill’s stage adaptation of Asking For It to the hotly anticipated Evening Train with Mick Flannery which is set to hit the stage at this year’s Cork Midsummer Festival. With themes of diversity in theatre to the importance of the Waking The Feminists movement in Ireland, Julie gives us a lovely insight into her world and shows us that theatre is for everyone! Produced by Kilian Pettit

2nd of Apr 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 8 – Be In Food
For episode 8, Be in Food, Emer and Viv sit down with Jack Crotty of The Rocketman about his new food and community website We hear about Jack’s path into food from a young age growing up working in kitchens with his Mum, how he trained at Ballymaloe after coming back to Ireland from travelling and how his new website is bringing the best quality food from our local farmers and food producers into our homes every week. Jack is a true food entrepreneur, using his love of the industry to bring people together and build community with his new Neighbour Food business. This new venture has inspired us to do a weekly shop on – we hope it does the same for you. If you work in food, want to train in the food industry or like us ….simply adore food …this episode is for you! Produced by Kilian Pettit

19th of Mar 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 7 – Be You
In episode seven – BE YOU – Emer is in conversation with Jean Noonan who, having worked in the corporate world of pharmaceuticals for seven years after completing a BSc Hons in Chemistry from UCC, changed paths to teach yoga full-time. From her trips to India working with the HOPE foundation to running retreats in Ireland and Europe, Jean shares her lessons on measuring success in happiness, nourishing food, happiness in your career, wellness and living the yoga life. A must-listen if you are lost in the busy treadmill of life and need help resetting your focus back to YOU. Produced by Kilian Pettit

5th of Mar 2019
The Life Hustle – Episode 6 – Be A Wanderer
In episode six – Be A Wanderer – Emer & Viv speak with Cork born Stephanie Barry who, after leaving her career in London, began travelling with her husband Tim. Since their leap of faith, they have visited 16 countries and currently live and work remotely from Bali. Stephanie shares her experiences and talks about following your heart, travel tips and Emer and Viv reminisce on their own travel experiences in this episode that is sure to have you planning your next break! Produced by Kilian Pettit

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Emer O’Mahony and Vivienne Kelly, using social media for social good, to uplift and inspire and to present a more authentic viewpoint of everyday life through conversations with their guests.

Emer O’Mahony and Vivienne Kelly, using social media for social good, to uplift and inspire and to present a more authentic viewpoint of everyday life through conversations with their guests.

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