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26th of Jan 2023
Episode 4 – 52 Euros on Pump 5
This week the comics talk about the #GirlBoss Miley Cyrus and wonder if there are any petrol stations in America named after Enda Kenny? Have you ever wanted to hear the recent news in the showbiz world in the most unfactual and confusing way? You’ve come to the right place.

19th of Jan 2023
Episode 3 – I had the Bedsheets
This week the comics talk about Chris Kents bedsheets and the proper words for private parts!

12th of Jan 2023
Episode 2 – The Anniversary Song
This week the comics talk about how much they love running, and Sinead tells us about her pre-comedy improv skills!

5th of Jan 2023
Episode 1 – Parking Dicks
This week the comics talk about Naked Attraction and the absolute state of parking in Cork!

A comedy podcast, starring three of Cork’s finest comedians, Sinead Quinlan, Cornelius Patrick O’Sullivan and Chris Kent!

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