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11th of May 2023
Episode 18 – Dickies or Dixies?
This week the comics talk about how fast they are! We also discover that we are essentially meat filled worm transporters, what is appropriate ‘Stage Wear’ for comedians and how many toilets to put in the perfect Green Room. We will be seeking out help for Con’s table tennis addiction. John James would like to make it clear that he is nether Scientist John nor Conspiracy John.

4th of May 2023
Episode 17 – The Queen Wasp
Episode 17 of Three By The Lee! This week the comics talk about how bees might be able to help you live forever, if they don’t kill you first. Sinead talks us through her ‘Glow Up’ week in the run up to the Eurovision. Chris is struggling to get a wheel for his car if anybody can help him out, and Con has revolutionised travel, specifically between Ballincollig and Castle Street (patent pending).

27th of Apr 2023
Episode 16 – The City of Love
Episode 16 of Three By The Lee! This week the comics talk about their cultural exchanges with foreign nations. Sinead discovers that Con is actually really good looking, just not in Cork and they all delve into some of their favourite movies.

20th of Apr 2023
Episode 15 – Mammys Assets
Episode 15 of Three By The Lee! This week the comics talk about our new lord and saviour Chat GPT. We apologise again about the audio but stick with us, the crystal clear and pristine audio is on the horizon! I decided I had worked enough this week so I let Chat GPT write the episode description, which is partially correct! Have a listen to find out more: “In this episode, three hilarious comedians from Cork, Ireland – Chris, Sindead, and Con – gather to discuss their love for vintage video games. They reminisce about classic games from their childhood, and debate the pros and cons of the latest gaming technology. Along the way, they also discuss the benefits of using Chat GPT as a tool for comedy writing and performance. Get ready for a lot of laughter and a nostalgic trip down memory lane in this fun-filled episode!”

13th of Apr 2023
Episode 14 – Eleven Eleven
Episode 14 of Three By The Lee! This week the comics talk about the mystical power of numbers. They also chat about missing work and find out which one of the leaders of a major religion is actually a carnivourus predator! Not Clickbait. #JusticeForFungi

6th of Apr 2023
Episode 13 – Strawberry Flavoured Tear Gas
Episode 13 of Three By The Lee! This week the comics flex their extensive combined knowledge of Jesus’ whereabouts on Good Friday. They also give a rundown on US politics and one of them will leave you in a state of utter want as they describe the nicest half-starter they ever had.

30th of Mar 2023
Episode 12 – Return of the Craic
Episode 12 of Three By The Lee! This week the Comics are back in action! Join them on a journey as they remember old stories in a new venue! No pointing fingers here but the audio quality is a small bit different this week. It is definitely not anybodies fault though. 100%.

23rd of Mar 2023
Episode 11 – It’s What Mario Would Have Wanted
This week one of the comics is still sick so we went all the way back to a podcast recorded last June to bring you a sneak peak at the early days of 3 by the Lee. Those with a keen ear may notice that at this point, the comics had still not come up with a name! We originally had a reel of the comics talking about potential names but it was 14 hours long.

9th of Mar 2023
Episode 10 – He is not Fat, He is Enormous
This week the comics talk virgin dogs and expensive styles!

2nd of Mar 2023
Episode 9 – 3 By The Gee
This week the comics talk about the problems with Irish money and we find out what an igloo and an aubergine have in common!

23rd of Feb 2023
Episode 8 – Fluffy Mammoth
This week Chris has an interesting zoo experience and Sinead has a titillating story involving a grown ass man, a wedding and a makeup artist!

16th of Feb 2023
Episode 7 – It Was A Recliner
This week the comics talk about what does a baby, a recliner and the human centipede have in common?

9th of Feb 2023
Episode 6 – My Mindshit Has Changed
This week the comics talk about love and Con ends up on some kind of list?

2nd of Feb 2023
Episode 5 – Firestarters
This week the comics talk about licking posters, their experiences with cars and Con gives us a history lesson on St. Bridget herself (at least 35% of which turns out to be true!).

26th of Jan 2023
Episode 4 – 52 Euros on Pump 5
This week the comics talk about the #GirlBoss Miley Cyrus and wonder if there are any petrol stations in America named after Enda Kenny? Have you ever wanted to hear the recent news in the showbiz world in the most unfactual and confusing way? You’ve come to the right place.

19th of Jan 2023
Episode 3 – I had the Bedsheets
This week the comics talk about Chris Kents bedsheets and the proper words for private parts!

12th of Jan 2023
Episode 2 – The Anniversary Song
This week the comics talk about how much they love running, and Sinead tells us about her pre-comedy improv skills!

5th of Jan 2023
Episode 1 – Parking Dicks
This week the comics talk about Naked Attraction and the absolute state of parking in Cork!

A comedy podcast, starring three of Cork’s finest comedians, Sinead Quinlan, Cornelius Patrick O’Sullivan and Chris Kent!

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